Happy Dates

Being happy implies being blissful and content with life. You should always stay happy and never let any sort of tension bother you. You can be happy if you don’t crib about things and feel satisfied with whatever you have. Being satisfied does not mean that you should not strive further to achieve more in life. Those people who stay happy hardly suffer health problems. Being happy can only be possible if you stay healthy and are at peace with yourself. If you don’t stay happy, you are bound to suffer from mental stress and fatigue caused as a result of being down and depressed all the time. Being happy is about being content to a great extent. Stay happy, cool and composed. Life will seem fun and easy if lived this way. Happiness makes you feel joyful and euphoric. In addition, it definitely adds to your contentment. In the words of Brooke Shields, “Don’t waste a minute not being happy. If one window closes, run to the next window- or break down a door.”

Boring Dates

Have you ever been on a date that you just could not wait for it to be over? You just could not stand the silence? You kept asking yourself why am I here, is it me or is it him/her? You then try to start a conversation which ends up dying so fast you wish you didn’t say anything, well this is considered to be a boring date, maybe a waste of your time if you ask me.

Couple sitting at bar and looking irritated

Two people sitting at bar and looking irritated

Weird Dates

Have you ever been on a date where you wondered what planet your date is from? They do the craziest things that you just cant seems to understand. The conversation seems weird and childish. It was pretty obvious that you were both not on the same level and definitely didn’t have the same interest. This is considered to be a weird date.

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Fun Dates

These are the type of dates that you just never want to end. There is good conversation, happy moments and all and all lots of fun.

A beautiful young African American man and woman photographed on a white background wearing white clothing.

Couples having a fun filled date

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